Raw Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich

By Martina Avanzini

This dessert was soooo good, I could have eaten 10 of these, and the best part is that they are made only with nuts and fruits.

Makes 2 ice cream sandwiches

For the cookie part:

1 cup of almonds
3 medjool dates or 5 dehydrated dates (soak them 10 min in water before)
2 teaspoon of cacao
½ tablespoon of coconut oil
pinch of salt

Process the almonds, the cacao and the salt before. Then add the dates, the coconut oil, and the vanilla. Process until you get a doughy consistency. Now form the cookies (4) make them flat and place them in the freezer for 15 minutes.

2nd step
Ice cream part:
My ice cream is actually what many call nana ice cream. Made just with frozen bananas. The trick is simple: Your bananas MUST be frozen to do this.

2 frozen bananas
¼ teaspoon of vanilla
a dash of coconut milk (any other milk will work as well)

Blend all the ingredients thoroughly and top one of your cookie mold with the ice cream . Let it chill in the freezer for 20 minutes then top it with the other side of the cookie and leave it in the fridge for another hour or so. You will want to have a solid consistency so its up to you how long you leave it in the fridge..I know its hard to wait for desserts.

Just wait till its solid and enjoy this raw vegan dessert #guilt-free made only with clean and recognizable ingredients.

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