The yoga of eating – Sarah Klein

“Mindful eating is eating with intention, while paying attention”- Kati Konersman We have all heard the term you are what you eat. Lets take this a little further. You are not only WHAT you eat, but HOW! Through my work as an integrative nutrition, health coach and yoga teacher I have seen that the missing … READ MORE The yoga of eating – Sarah Klein ››


Berry Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls should be made more often. It’s a great snack, dessert, or breakfast option. The main difference between a smoothie bowl and a smoothie is that the first has a thicker texture and it is similar to the one of yoghurt or ice cream, so you eat it with the spoon instead of sipping it. … READ MORE Berry Smoothie Bowl ››


Summer Spring Rolls

These spring rolls are so good !!  A light option for lunch or dinner, plant based, and raw.  This for me is the  best scenario when preparing something light: to manage a healthy meal, raw when possible, tasty and pleasurable to eat. When choosing healthy we often need to go that extra step to eat “different” … READ MORE Summer Spring Rolls ››


Passion Fruit Salad

Craving something sweet? This salad might just be the right meal to curb those cravings while enjoying a healthy option. I used kale and some lettuce for the base but any salad would work as well. It’s only three ingredients, no hassle, and no oils. There is really no need to put olive oil in … READ MORE Passion Fruit Salad ››


Zucchini noodles with vegan pesto

I was practically raised on pasta and I used to be a big fan.  I was born in Italy where we had it almost every other day. Throughout the years I came to realise that pasta does not work well with my body. Particularly I am not a fan of how I feel: bloated and never … READ MORE Zucchini noodles with vegan pesto ››



You asked for it, here it is ! This challenge will last from the 15th-30th of June. Two weeks of tips and no crazy constraints, just simple habits to introduce in your daily routine. Summer is officially here ! The days are getting warmer and our clothes are getting lighter. Many of us are becoming more conscious … READ MORE #junecleansenaturally ››


Energising Miracle Shot

This juice is the best natural remedy out there. It has helped me with so many different discomforts; bloating, feeling  tired or swollen, symptoms of the flu, indigestion, sinus infection…you name it. What impresses me the most are the benefits you get from this single juice. This ginger shot is the perfect tool to keep you energized … READ MORE Energising Miracle Shot ››


Kale Mustard Salad

Completely raw, light, and easy to digest. This salad dressing is very easy to prepare and you probably have all the ingredients right at home. Kale is one of my favourite vegetables although when seen raw it looks very rough and not tasty at all. The trick is to marinate it. In case you don’t … READ MORE Kale Mustard Salad ››



  Martinaturally Holistic Health Coach from Lazybear on Vimeo. I am so happy to be sharing this video with all of you !!  It has been such a liberating and eyeopening experience ! This represents my values and my philosophy about healthy eating and living.  I strongly encourage each and everyone of you to see it and … READ MORE Video ››


Mini Cheesecakes

Desserts are so good and considering them a cheat meal ruins the whole experience. I’ll much rather opt for a healthier and more natural dessert then having to eat one every 2 weeks and ending up feeling like crap with guilt and an upset stomach. This is why I l-o-v-e raw desserts. They tend to … READ MORE Mini Cheesecakes ››

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