Your Body Is Your Greatest Ally

By Martina Avanzini

Our body is a magnificent organism, it does everything for us: it keeps us alive with a highly sophisticated system, it forgives us and overcomes the bad choices we make..and yet we forget to cherish it. Instead we overflow it with negative comments and bad food choices.

I don’t know in which point of our lives this changes, but we were not born with this unhealthy relationship we seem to have.

One of the most important relationships I could have didn’t seem to matter the least. I realized that this magnificent body of mine would get me anywhere I wanted to go but I needed to fuel it right and listen to its needs.

So this means in moment of difficulties to be compassionate with your body and mind. To give it extra care. I knew I had to find something that would make me feel taken care of. So in moments of stress I could turn to this.

I have found several things that work for me but most importantly eating mindfully  has significantly changed my relationship with my body. I think before I eat. It does make a difference if you eat a chemically filled fried thing or a piece of fresh fruit. It makes a difference on how you will feel, think, or act.

Implement a routine that makes you feel good. For me is taking time to pamper my body before going to sleep. It has become a sacred time for myself. Either to apply lotion, nourish my hair with coconut oil, or sip a warm cup of tea. I realise how different I feel the days I take some extra time to myself. We all have a busy schedule but small changes can make a big difference. Anything that makes YOU feel good and cherished is worth some time in your day.

  • Eat healthier – more natural food options instead of prepackaged 6 month shelf life, opt for a fresh vegetable or a fruit
  • Chew your food- We chew so fast we don’t give the body a chance to savour and process the food that is nourishing it. Plus chewing is crucial to start the digestion properly. It will also give more time to let your brain know when you are satisfied
  • Drink more water – hydration is key
  • Do anything that makes you feel better and relax
  • Have a massage
  • Exfoliate your skin
  • Sit cross legged and listen to some music- Meditate
  • Practice a sport that you enjoy
  • Spend time in nature
  • Prepare a healthy meal
  • Get some quality sleep


I know that sometimes we have those grey days and we really don’t feel like doing all of this…then don’t. At least don’t bring yourself down even further. Don’t go and eat junk food because you are having a rough day, eat something delicious and nourishing. Your body is your friend you would understand if he/she was going through a rough time. So learn to understand yourself and treat your body with kindness and compassion.

Start anywhere at any moment, just don’t forget about yourself.

Your body is your greatest ally, make it feel that way.

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