By Martina Avanzini

You asked for it, here it is ! This challenge will last from the 15th-30th of June. Two weeks of tips and no crazy constraints, just simple habits to introduce in your daily routine.

Summer is officially here ! The days are getting warmer and our clothes are getting lighter. Many of us are becoming more conscious about our body and clearly we want to feel at our best when hitting the beach. I have created a program for the next two weeks where I will be sharing with you recipes and tips to feel lighter, improve your skin, your energy level, your digestion, and so much more.

  • Water, water, and water


The first step to feel better and improve your health is to drink plenty of water. I am inviting you to this simple habit that will change your body: two glasses of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. ( *optional add some lemon juice or infuse your water) For the next two weeks we will be drinking e-v-e-r-y morning 2 glasses of water.

At least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. Your body will thank you and you will notice it will start working more efficiently. Track those changes, you will be amazed.

  • Aim for at least one raw plant-based meal per day

mustard kale 2

The more the merrier. You wondered what’s the hype with all this raw-vegan ?

Try it for yourself. When eating raw fruits and veggies you are nourishing your body with food that is filled with vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes. Unaltered, with no added chemicals but pure nature. Cooked food looses most of these values making it harder to digest and absorb all the nutrients.

I will be sharing with you different recipes to try throughout the challenge and more tips to cleanse your body inside and out. Stay tuned !

Below you can find already lots of dishes to start.  In order to succeed one important tool is accountability. Share your pictures and contact me at any time with questions. Use the hashtag #junecleansenaturally I will check them all.

I am here to support you.


Kale Mustard Salad

Post-workout Protein Smoothie




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