How many negative thoughts have you had about yourself today?

By Martina Avanzini

I can say for myself way too many.

One of the most important factors to make anything work in our life is to let our mind know we can do this. I emphasise this for many people particularly and not only who are struggling to lose weight. It took me numerous challenges and time to understand this.

When we try the 100th diet we stop believing that we will be able to actually do it. We doubt our capability. So it becomes a pattern: we are insecure, consequentially have negative thoughts against our body, finally becoming our worst enemy.

We already tried so many times that we believe that we are destined to never have the body we have dreamt off. Plus if it is this hard to achieve it why should we ever be able to ?

Everything as important as feeling comfortable in our body is worth every effort because when we do achieve it…well there is nothing more powerful than finally feeling comfortable in our home, our body. We are at the top of the mountain, unstoppable. Everything flows in the right direction because we are confident and positive.

The key is to recognise that the mind is much more powerful than we imagine. When we think something negative as “I am never going to make it” or “I am fat. I hate how my body looks or I am never going to get in the shape I want” our mind receives this message and we can be sure that we will get exactly what we said we would : a body we don’t like and feel uncomfortable in.

Another crucial factor is the energy that surrounds us. You name it what you prefer: God, the Universe….You receive what you ask for. So when you complain all day about how horrible you feel, you will get exactly more of that. You asked for it.

This has happened to me so many times, I end up bringing myself down even before trying to encourage myself. How are we supposed to make it if our most important fan is cheering for the other team and bringing us down ?

Eventually we end up trusting other people to take over our decisions and our life instead of staying true to the most important person: Ourselves.

To change this pattern it is crucial to have a positive relationship with ourselves, to be grateful for what we have and understand we are moving into a better direction. Although now in our world we feel unhappy with our current situation it doesn’t matter. Be grateful for what you do have, realize there are unlimited reasons to feel blessed. Trust that with your love and new positive attitude things will come into your life.

I know this for a fact the moment I switch to the mentality “I love myself and I am doing the best I can” I shed the weight or make it through any challenge I had before me. The moment we believe in ourselves we get so much more out of our lives. We live.

Let your mind know you can do this. You are eating healthy and are taking care of yourself, you are giving all the necessary love to the most important person.

Love yourself unconditionally



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