Classic Hummus

By Martina Avanzini

Hummus one of my favorite snacks, so easy to prepare and yet very healthy.

Garbanzo beans or chickpeas are your main ingredients for the hummus. This type of bean is an excellent source of fiber; they can help lower cholesterol and improve blood sugar levels. Combined with a grain, garbanzo beans are a complete vegan protein comparable to meat.

If you are in a hurry you can use canned garbanzo beans preferably buy the ones in glass containers; the nutritional value difference compared to home cooked is very small. I usually buy the ones in glass containers, its easier and quicker.

Hummus can be eaten as a snack with celery, carrots, or any type of bread. Often I use it as a condiment for a sandwiches or I add it to a salad.

Recipe: Classic Hummus

2 cups of drained cooked garbanzo (about 400g keep the liquid from the container)
2 teaspoons of Tahini
juice of one lemon (maybe two according to taste and juiciness of lemons)
1-2 tbsp of olive oil
1 garlic clove (not necessary if you have problems digesting garlic don’t use it)
liquid from the garbanzo jar
salt & pepper to taste

Add to the food processor first the garlic, the tahini and the lemon juice. Then add the chickpeas, the olive oil, and accordingly the reserved liquid from the garbanzo jar. You will want to get a creamy consistency but not too liquid so dont use all the liquid for the hummus. Process it all together and you are done ! Yes, it is that easy, enjoy !

*You can also add your favorite spices, sometimes I garnish my hummus with turmeric or truffle oil.
The best if preparing them from scratch at home is to sprout them before to increase digestibility.

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